[002] – First Deploy with Basic UI

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted an update. In typical fashion, its been mostly due to being distracted by all the other things, but I did take a brief break from technology over the new year.

Below is a recap of things that I’ve done since the last update.


Setting Up Deployments

As I mentioned in my previous post, for now, I’m just using a simple setup using Rsync to deploy files.

It’s still somewhat of a manual process but for now, it works! I will work to make this more automated in the future.

I like having a separate repo for the server and the client.

When I’m ready to deploy something, I ‘build‘ the client and then from the server project I run a script that copies over the production-ready client files into the servers build folder. Those are the files that are then deployed.

FrontEnd Prototyping

While I haven’t made a formal update in quite a while, behind the scenes I’ve been doing quite a bit of prototyping for the frontend.

This allows for me to get a sense of how things are going to look and function. It also gave me time for a refresher on React Router and Redux!

This project is certainly going to be an iterative process. I’m going to do my best to plan things out ahead of time because that is what works best for me when it comes to coding.

Initial FrontEnd Build

Even though I am using create-react-app, there was still a bit of setup I needed to do for the client-side.

I had to install and configure ESLint. This is also the first project I am going to use Prettier on.

I still like compiling Sass files, so there was a bit of configuration I needed to do in order to get that to work with create-react-app.

Finally, I worked on getting a basic page structure in place. This consisted of getting Bulma wired up, setting up page components, and displaying those components using React Router.

It’s nothing great, but you can view the updates here:


You can checkout the repo here:



About Those Diversions

It goes without saying that when I work on personal projects, it’s easy for me to get side-tracked.

I may come across a concept that I feel like I want to learn more about or there may be another side project that I want to start or work on.

The worst part about getting side-tracked is coming back to a project that I haven’t touched in a while. It usually takes at least a few hours to get back up to speed on what I last did and what I need to work on next.

To help with this, I’m going to try and keep better track by documenting all the things. I’m not sure yet if I’ll use a simple text file or use an app like Trello.

I love the idea of Trello, but I feel like I need to find theĀ right way to use it that works for me.

Documenting Hurdles

Up to this point, I feel like I haven’t been doing these updates justice because I have not been properly describing the hurdles I’ve had to overcome as well as sharing the resources and fixes I’ve had to put in place.

Going forward, I’m going to try and be better at this!

What’s Next

My plan is to get as much of the frontend completed as possible before starting to wire up the backend. So be on the look-out for more UI enhancements!

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